Front License Plate Mounting Bracket

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The Front License Plate Mounting Bracket (#52121-24020), a pivotal auto part of the Body Front Bumper & Bumper Stay system and the Body Rear Bumper & Bumper Stay system, is designed to securely hold and display a vehicle’s license plate. This bracket functions by providing a sturdy base to which the license plate can be attached, withstanding the vibrations and impacts that come with regular use of the vehicle. Over time, this bracket may wear out or become damaged, potentially leading to the license plate becoming loose or falling off altogether. Periodic replacement of this part, therefore, is crucial to maintain its function. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Front License Plate Mounting Bracket (#52121-24020), offer compatibility with your vehicle, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Front License Plate Mounting Bracket (#52121-24020) contributes to the safety of the vehicle by ensuring the license plate is clearly visible and securely attached, enabling identification and adhering to legal requirements.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 52119-24100-03;52119-24100-07;52119-24100-08;52119-24100-17;52119-24903;52119-24904;52119-24100-04;52119-24100-05;52119-24100-02;52119-24080-02;52119-24080-03;52119-24080-04;52119-24080-05;52119-24080-07;52119-24080-08;52119-24080-17 More
Part Number 52121-24020

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