Side Trim Bracket #1

About this product

The Side Trim Bracket #1 (#62533-47020), a crucial part in the Body Rear Seat & Seat Track and Body Side Member systems of Toyota vehicles, plays a fundamental role in maintaining the structural integrity and stability of these systems. As part of these systems, the Side Trim Bracket #1 (#62533-47020) works by securing the side trim, a pivotal element that contributes to the vehicle's aerodynamics and aesthetics. Remember, genuine Toyota parts like the Side Trim Bracket #1 (#62533-47020) are essential, offering compatibility with your vehicle model, and are also covered under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Like all mechanical elements, the Side Trim Bracket #1 (#62533-47020) is susceptible to wear and tear over time. If it becomes old or broken, the stability and alignment of the side trim could be jeopardized, potentially leading to a decrease in aerodynamics and an unattractive appearance. Its periodic replacement, therefore, is crucial to uphold the vehicle's performance and aesthetics. Overall, the Side Trim Bracket #1 (#62533-47020) is a fundamental component that contributes to the vehicle's efficiency and safety. It ensures the side trim remains secure and correctly aligned, thus maintaining the overall structural integrity of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62533-47020

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