Engine Hood Protector Rear

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The Engine Hood Protector Rear (#64489-17021), a crucial component in the Engine Hood & Lock system, plays a central role in protecting the engine from external damages such as debris or weather. This protector functions as a shield, safeguarding the engine while the vehicle is in motion. It works in conjunction with other parts, like the engine hood, to provide optimum protection. With time, however, the Engine Hood Protector Rear (#64489-17021) may become worn out or damaged, necessitating replacement. If left unchecked, a faulty protector might expose the engine to harmful elements, leading to potential engine damage. Toyota's genuine Engine Hood Protector Rear (#64489-17021)s confer compatibility with your vehicle and can significantly reduce the risk of engine damage. Remember, Toyota backs their genuine parts with a warranty. Ultimately, a functional Engine Hood Protector Rear (#64489-17021) contributes significantly to the safety of the vehicle and improves the lifespan of the engine.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 64489-17020
Part Number 64489-17021

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