Skid Control Relay

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The Skid Control Relay (#88263-24030), a critical part in Toyota's Electrical Abs & Vsc and Electrical Traction Control systems, plays a vital role in maintaining stability and control. This auto part operates by regulating the amount of power supplied to the systems, thus managing the vehicle's anti-lock braking and traction control functions. Genuine Toyota Skid Control Relay (#88263-24030)s ensure seamless compatibility with these systems and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Without periodic replacement, an aged or malfunctioning Skid Control Relay (#88263-24030) can compromise these systems, potentially leading to loss of vehicle control. With a new, functional relay, the ABS and traction control systems operate optimally, contributing significantly to the vehicle's overall safety and efficiency. Therefore, maintaining the condition of this part is paramount.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 88263-24030

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