Traction Control Relay

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The Traction Control Relay (#89633-24010), a crucial component in Toyota's Electrical Abs & Vsc and Electrical Traction Control systems, works to manage the electrical power required for the traction control system to operate optimally. This genuine Toyota part, protected under Toyota's genuine parts warranty, ensures vehicle compatibility and optimum performance. During operation, the Traction Control Relay (#89633-24010) switches on and off, directing the necessary electrical power to the traction control system. As time goes on, this relay can become worn, clogged, or even break. The result? A less efficient traction control system, leading to potential safety risks and decreased vehicle stability. By regularly replacing this genuine Toyota part, you'll maintain your vehicle's safety and efficiency at peak levels. The Traction Control Relay (#89633-24010), in essence, is a small part that plays a substantial role in your Toyota’s overall operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89633-24010

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